Day in the Life of a Retrofit Assessor

Day in the Life of a Retrofit Assessor

Find out what it’s like to work as a Retrofit Assessor.

In this video we explain what a Retrofit Assessor is and what they do on a day to day basis.


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A Retrofit Assessor is a Domestic Energy Assessor who has undergone further training to complete Retrofit Assessments under the PAS 2035 framework.

It’s a very important role as the Retrofit Assessment is the first part of the PAS 2035 process and provides the Retrofit Coordinator with vital information in order for them to put together a comprehensive Retrofit improvement plan.

Retrofit Assessment is a very exciting part of the industry to be involved with at the moment as it seems that a lot of government funded retrofit work will require the PAS 2035 process.

By undertaking further training you’ll be building on your existing knowledge whilst also building in advanced layers of competency and technical skills.


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