EPC Explained | Energy Performance Certificates | How To Download Any Property EPC Certificate

EPC Explained | Energy Performance Certificates | How To Download Any Property EPC Certificate

EPC explained is a video to help property investors understand energy performance certificates. I also show you how to download any property EPC certificate on a property you are analysing.

EPC for investors is a subject that will interest those looking to invest in buy to let investment properties, Ill show you how to download an EPC, how to find an EPC, how to check an EPC and how to get an EPC. Energy performance certificate explained goes into detail about what is an energy performance certificate, it helps investors answer the question do I need an EPC, what does an EPC inspection involve and how much is an EPC. What is an EPC or EPC buy to let gives details on how long does an EPC take and helps investors answer the question do I need an energy performance certificate. You will need an EPC investment property certificate on all buy to let properties.

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